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Navajo Style Tapestry Loom

This style loom has been used for centuries by the American Indians of the Southwest. It is great for anyone with a limited amount of space. It can be assembled to weave; the weaving can be rolled up unfinished and stored along with the disassembled pieces.

You can weave designs like a Navajo, medieval tapestry designs or modern abstract designs.

Frame size 30” x 24”
Maximum weaving size 16”x 16”
Warping Instruction included
Dowels for warping
Level One Weaving Instructions included
Level Two Weaving Booklet $14
Clear Pine wood or Red Oak
Cost $85.
Storage Bag $12.

Leclerc Looms

"My first full size full loom was purchased in 1980. I feel fortunate to have been directed to buying a Mira, 36 inch Leclerc. To this day, it looks like new, works like new and is currently being sold for five times the price that I paid for it. If you are in the market to purchase a new loom. Please email me and I can direct you to the loom that suits your needs. To see the current looms made by LECLERC, goto Check out that website and then, email me to discuss the possibilities.

If you have a loom or weaving accessories that you would like to sell, contact me, send me a description, email a photo and the price. To find out how I can help you sell your loom e-mail Doris at